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Top 5 Outdoor Sports for Girls

Author:     source:     Datetime: 2016-05-23 12:11:16

Outdoor sports can help you relieve stress and reduce live autonomic disorders, and you can be in contact with the natural world more closer. Many people think of outdoor activities suitable for men only, in fact, some outdoor activities are also suitable for women.

Water jogging

Free water jogging is new exercise. Jogging in the water because the water will encounter resistance, the body can be evenly distributed load, than the land run has obvious advantages, but also in deep water, lower limb runners from concussion, and thus easily injured, the whole body will feel comfortable after exercise. This exercise is especially suitable for women trying to lose weight, because the abdomen and legs through the water resistance a great workout.

First, enter the depth of 1.5 meters to 2 meters of the pool, floating in the waist with a belt, to keep the body vertical standing water, prevent the body to lean forward, to better focus on exercise. Exercise, feet touching the ground, head and shoulders out of the water; hands and feet mimic the action of running: the arm bent 90 degrees to the shoulder axis, before and after the swing, point fingers out of the water; the knees and hips parallel to mention height, then and then step down.

water joggin

Rock Climbing

First, have you seen how hot Steph Davis was when she solo climbed The Diamond? Rock-climbing is the perfect outdoor sport for women because it requires many abilities to which some gals are innately predisposed: balance, poise, and grace. What’s more, women have a lower center of gravity than men, typically carry less body weight, and have smaller hands and feet for gripping and perching on tiny holds, women are often just as adept at rock climbing as men, if not better in some circumstances.

Rock Climbing



Mountain climbing is an excellent aerobic exercise, can promote metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, but also can improve endurance and leg strength, improve heart and lung function. Other factors that make mountaineering a great outsdoor sport for women: Not only does it keep you super fit, but it also connects.



skis and snowboards come in a variety of fashionable colors and designs! Ski clubs abound in popular ski areas, so talk with your local center to see if there are any clubs or ski outings that you can join.




We’ve all seen them: The annoying cyclers, in duck like formation, wearing shirts so colorful you’re sure a unicorn vomited all over them. Regardless of the apparent annoyingness of the sport, it provides toning and sculpting all over your body, is a great way to get a workout and do your daily commute all in one, and it’s eco-friendly transportation. We know that, in addition to your pink, you gals also like to go green.



There is a report saying that the Heart Disease is the leading cause of death among women in the world. And  running dramatically reduces your risk by keeping your heart strong. After all, you need a strong heart so one of those climbing, hiking, mountain men can come steal it. BTW, here are some running pouch recommend for girls, pls click below to learn more.