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Author:     source:     Datetime: 2016-04-09 17:33:58

Armband | running armband | running belts

Dear customers, In order to make it more easier to learn about our items, below we offer the AZO free, Cadmium free, Color fastness-Best grade & Phthalate Free report of the running armband and running belts.

AZO FREE: Azo nitrogen-based synthetic dyes in the group, the name is often used in the textile industry. Some azo dyes may be isolated under certain conditions, to produce allergy and carcinogenic aromatic amines.

Azo EU Directive 2002/61 / EC specifies which may release one or more of the 22 aromatic amines azo dyes (see table below) in the detected concentration of more than 30 ppm in the finished product, or components may not be dyed therein may direct and prolonged contact with textile and leather articles with human skin or oral cavity. The directive entered into force in September 2003.

Color fastness: This is one of factor which buyer most concern about. Highlight important attributes of coloring material are shades of color fastness. Color refers to the color fastness is the resistance of various types such as bleeding or fading dyed or printed fabric material impact on water, light, friction, washing, perspiration, etc. They are usually exposed in the manufacture of textiles and daily use.

If you would like to learn more about our factory or our armband & other outdoor items, please feel free to contact us below.

Color fastness-Best grade    Phthalate Free

AZO free    Cadmium free