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Seize every opportunity, seize even test order of the Sports Armband

Author:     source:     Datetime: 2015-11-19 14:15:05
We would like to share the experience for a test order from an overseas customer at Hong Kong trade fair.
Back to April 2014, we held an exhibition (Booth no.5GA-19) at the Hong Kong Gift & Premium Fair at Wanchai, the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center. There we came across our customer Mr Johan Lidehäll from Bookmanpromotion. 

At the fair, we have launched various styles of the newest sports running armband for iPhone4/4S/5/5S, etc. With the advantages of high quality, smart design & delicate packaging, all these eye-catching sports armband were popular at the fair and samples quickly ran out.

Mr Johan Lidehäll showed great interest in our sports armband jogging case. However, as our booth was crowded with vistors, we were not able to provide more product details to Mr Johan Lidehäll. It was a pitty Mr Johan Lidehäll just walked away with our business card only, without taking our sports arm bag samples for further quality evaluation. In this situation, we immediately asked Mr Johan Lidehäll to gave his name card, and highlighted which models Mr Johan Lidehäll specially interested in, we promised we would contact him after the fair.

As soon as the fair was over, we took immediate action to reach Mr Johan Lidehäll both by emails & phone calls. Same as we imagined, Mr Johan Lidehäll said it was difficult to make presentation without the armband case on hand. What was worse, the model waterproof sport armband case for iPhone 5 that Mr Johan Lidehäll wanted in particular was out of stock. At no time, we asked our factory to make new samples and speeded up the sample production. 

The time we took pictures and sent to Mr Johan Lidehäll, he was in big surprise and satisfaction as he recalled: “ I think you guys probably forget it, but you make it! Make it fast and make it good !”
The fact was, we took this case in priority ,though we were informed in advance we might just got a small test order or even nothing. 

With our continous effort & good service, Mr Johan Lidehäll brought us a test order of 260 pieces for the sports armband case for iPhone 5. Tough it was a test order, we believe our business will continuely grow. 

Seize every opportuniry, you seize the order!

Sport Armband from Bookmanpromotion