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New Phone, New smartphone armband

Author:     source:     Datetime: 2016-04-05 14:03:05

smartphone armband apple smartphone | smartphone apple

Apple just launched a new "low-cost" iPhone at the end of March. Moreover, at the appropriate time, Apple went out of its way to emphasize the truth that the new iPhone SE is "the most affordable new iPhone we've ever released".

It's still not cheap, starting at $399 for 16GB model, but it is definitely a more affordable mobile phone money thorn apple better value than last year. A9 processor and the same as the top-range iPhone6S and 6S together, oddly enough free number, iPhone SE by providing users with a high-end smart phone tucked in Apple's product line are significant gaps and who prefer a more compact pocket-friendly design.

When you upgrade your smart phone, don't forget to also upgrade your armband too.

Since the new iPhone SE   has been revealed, so our factory got you cover offer you the slim smartphone armband for the 4-inch phone.