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Low carbon life, recycling

Author:     source:     Datetime: 2016-06-01 15:08:19

We introduce how to make a simple workout armband before, today we will introduce you another great way to make a exercise armband.

We all use the document bag during the meeting or the training, but we all used to throw it away after one time usage. The document bag all use the waterproof fabric, and it is more sturdy than the cotton cloth.Paper bags zipper itself prescribe, rational use of cut, you can save the trouble to install two zipper, and you can choose to make a zipper inward, put the keys, cards, coins and other items, to the effect of the theft.The paper bags are basically temporary appliances, rough, so it is very easy to disconnect.

Firstly, we need to measure the size, sewing the pouch size fit your smart phone perfectly. Then cut by the amount of good size, modify the modification, and then sew You locomotives Well and edging. Do not determined by the male and female stickers or buttons fixed, so this package is now semi-finished products can only be considered a low-carbon life, the use of waste - converted into a paper bag wrist bag arm package

Advantages: In addition to already said a few, strong, waterproof, anti-theft, there is an advantage that is not coming to an end outside the chain of Granada, just to take a mobile phone ear, listening to music when walking does not affect other people living a low-carbon, recycling - converted into a paper bag wrist bag arm package.

exercise armband

Above is the photo of the finished product, it looks like our standard item E1660, clik photo to learn more about out iphone 6 armband.