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Gym Promotion Methods

Author:     source:     Datetime: 2016-04-05 16:03:09

 Gym | sport armband | running belt

1.    Do research. Test among the customer, and access to the market demand for the product information through external resources research. Figure out the exact client, as well as the trigger that consumers tend to make purchasing decisions. Brand awareness, sales or new online retailer partnership, need to set realistic goals.

2.    Create the related materials. Whether potential customers are visually driven or data-driven, you need to provide them with marketing messages, which neds the support marketing team. Internal team should be well aware of the final crucial information, familiar with press releases, drafting brochures, technical specification documents, evaluation guides, blog publishing product information, video resources, digital advertising, high-resolution product images, and company website beautiful welcome page. If the marketing activities is complete, then released the same day passed information to the public will be more attractive, and save a lot of time.

3.    Celebrity. For the media to provide advanced product samples, interviews interviews or online video thumbnail on the front line in order to obtain professional feedback and evaluation. YouTube users can also take advantage of existing customers and to promote its products. Products from influential figures a positive experience, it is possible for an active role in product coverage and media interviews. Looking at the social media celebrities, especially those that target customers concerned about the large V, provide early product information and a trial product to them.

4.    Keep in touch with the clients. Do not forget that before the market has been supported by the people. Send them customized messages, some related items, such sport armband, running belt, headwear, foldable drink bottle these sport out doors items.Introduce new product information, accompanied by the introduction video. In the product pages of Facebook freebies activities to increase the participation of social media, product momentum. In all channels complementary brand image, ensure brand consistency, to attract customers' attention.

5.   Widespread. When you are ready to share the news when the target user group, organization organize all pre-launch activities. Coordinate media liaison, celebrities and media marketing (blog, product videos on YouTube, the new product pages), and new product launches updated to keep pace. Product release in a week to arrange PR team or agency cooperation with the media to personalize the publicity to ensure there is a third party product publicity.

6.   Listen to customer needs. When users receive and use the product, via social media to provide timely and accurate customer service. Social media manager to ensure that the product has sufficient understanding, or a professional who can help answer questions about the product. Especially for just listing products, poor customer service is a serious obstacle.