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Formfitting running belt, no extra burden

Author:     source:     Datetime: 2016-04-20 15:26:29

If you want strong, running! If you want fit, running! If you want smart, run !

These three slogan was engraved in ancient Greece Ailaduosi rock from 2500 years ago.

running belt


Running is exist from dinosaur ages, just not the same protagonist . Now days people took this historic task, running is not only sport, but also  fashion, a healthy lifestyle. i love running too, i always concern about my keys and cell phone, since it is easy to lose when i put them on pocket or it is easy to sweat if i just hold it in hand, but inconvenient too. So i consider to have a running belt.


Given the actual situation of daily running, the election purses movement mainly depends on four points: (the fourth point of beauty, love the sun who is particularly important, you know).


Consistent with the actual situation, there mainly 4 points about the running belt we need to consider about, whether large enough to hold things, whether formfitting enough, whether light enough, whether fashionable enough. If any running pack can meet the first three standards, we think that is value for money already.


Almost famous running belt brands come from United States, such as Osprey, main compartment, small size, a slightly larger screen phones can not do anything; Ultraspire scalability and good sense of weight, but no belt buckle, can only scratch on foot or wear to the waist, it is against humanity; Nathan hydration belt for runners, two kettle can replenish moisture, but can only take place back in the lower back is very inconvenient.


Compare all the running belt, the SPI belt is simple, lightweight, and suit for runners daily use. Our factory can provide a wide range of similar running belt too, also can provide customized service if you need, so any query, pls feel free to write us mail.

running pack