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Fanny pack

Author:     source:     Datetime: 2016-05-11 16:21:06

Fanny pack, it is not large, but it is a very connotation from the shape to the color of the product. Color bright and colorful, comfortable, excellent experience. Our bag also achieved national invention patent.


Waist elastic waterproof fabric production, as Viking jingle universal pocket, purse when not put anything width of only 3.8 cm, just look at the surface you can not think it can be put down 5.5-inch screen smart phones and keys, transportation cards, energy bars energy, such as plastic. Which are extremely versatile, whether it is tourism, running, biking, hiking, etc., can be stable and fit body, not with the movement and shaking. Use it when placed jogging key change, MP3; outdoor climbers use it to put a compass, cell phones, energy candy; it can be used while traveling to keep personal identity cards, credit cards and cash; it can be used at night walkers keep keys, cell phone and change. It can make people completely empty hands, do you want to do more. It is one of the must-have item away from home or traveling abroad.

Water repellent and also has elasticity, the United States SPIBELT purses priced at about USD0.9 – 1.5; Our price about 2/3 of that during the current promotions, lower prices to its about 1/4.