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Essential Running Accessories

Author:     source:     Datetime: 2016-04-07 16:13:26

sport armband | waist pack

No matter rapid jogging around the block or a week long run increasingly hit pavement is essentially a few items.

For lots of sportspeople, music is key to helping to get thought the long bore running,

so I always will bring my phone and earplugs. so that i can check out the latest and greatest albums released. A sport armband or waist pack is the perfect choice for running , keeping my phone close at hand so I can quickly change tracks on iTunes. Also, i have several apps on my iphone to check the movement, it is convenient.

sport waist bag 2

When we run at night, the reflective strip and the led lumen on the waist pack make me visible to cars and other pedestrians. with cars and pedestrians to stay visible. I am also a big fan of the headlights. Not only hands-free, also avoid me tumbling during the running, I think you can have one of these in your local sport wear shop or find it on Amazon. If you need purchase it for retailing, you can contact us too.

Don’t forget the ID and cash, It may be use in case of some emergency

What are your running essentials? Tell us via mail!