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Author:     source:     Datetime: 2016-04-15 16:06:59

80% of iPhone 6, iphone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus armbands on the market are made from neoprene. We introduce the Neoprene material composition on our website before: http://www.sport-armband-factory.com/news/The-difference-between-Neopren.html

Research has shown that the neoprene material possibly cancer producing substance. Some clients in order have price purchasing the poor and cheap armband might be use this kind inferior material. iPhone armband is a item contact with our skin directly, it is not a smartest way to choose it in really poor quality,

Wrapping your smart phone so close to your skin with a cheap and dangerous material is definitely not a good choice. Only spend few more dollars can bring you a environmental armband, why not!

Now days, the truth is few sincere sporting goods manufacturers will warn client about our own products. Others manufacturers dare not telling you the fact.

If you have enough budget, we will recommend you the Lycra armband, about Lycra material, much lighter, high-stretch, with up to 240% flexibility than nylon, fit the arm perfectly. A similar size & design neoprene item made with 100% lycra only costs some 1 or 2 US dollars more than the neoprene version.

running armband


Here also have another option for you if have limited purchase budget, choose “Lycra+ Neoprene” armband, the outer side which touch with user’s skin all soft lycra material and interior material of environmental neoprene. The cost only about US$1.5, even can obtain better price for large quantity order..


We Emori are a high-performance sporting armband manufacturer using premium environmental fabrics, our aim is to offer superior product & services,try our iPhone armband and have a better RUN now!

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