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Company Talent Competition

Author:     source:     Datetime: 2016-06-24 10:49:40
We Emori held our first talent competition in last week , more than 50 of our colleagues had great time together .  

The purpose of holding this meaningful event is to let these talented employees to show their brilliance , 
and making staffs to find the pleasure while they are working in we Emori big family .  

Here are some photos taken during the event : 

>> A very handsome couple of Emcees 

A very handsome couple of Emcees .JPG

>> Programs for competition 

Programs for competition

Programs for competition-2

>> Some fun little games  ( To test if staffs are familiar with our various sports armband products ) 

Some fun little games

>> Exciting moments of awarding 

Exciting moments of awarding

>> Group photo for all competitors 

Group photo for all competitors.JPG

>> Some of our lovely colleagues 

Some of our lovely colleagues

>> 8 judges grade for each performance 

8 judges grade for each performance

>> 3 winners ( champion , runner-up & second runner-up ) are all pretty girls . 

3 winners