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5 Fitness Apps You’ll Actually Use

Author:     source:     Datetime: 2016-06-03 16:26:39

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I believe that a right app can be help us to another next level of personal fitness. But it is so hard to find a right one. It is really exhausting that download one and try to see how it really good one, good news is i have 5 free apps in my iPhone and I use it everyday, Before  download. The app from the APP store, I would like to spend few minutes on what you can expect from an app in the Health and Fitness category in general. It’s important to remember that no standard one on your phone is going to be 100% accurate. In most cases this is not a problem since typically you’re more concerned with making sure you hit your daily goals than you are with keeping precise count. What these apps lack in precise reporting detail however they more than make up for with their low cost, ease of use and in many cases built-in support groups, facilitated by the app makers themselves.


Now let us get started:

1. Argus

Augus home screen’s interlocking live tiles update with your steps taken, water consumed, miles cycled, calories burned and even the local weather. Offers a Premium plan for tailored workouts and even more reporting options. Connects to Apple Health, and has nicely designed social features to share the experience.

2. MyFitnessPal

The absolute best for keeping up with calories consumed and burned. The app allows you to set goals and a time frame for the completion of the goal. “Lose five pounds in five weeks” It will alsp automatically calculate your daily caloric intake and even give stern warnings if you are consuming fewer calories than is healthy.

3. MapMyFitness

This app is great when you’re ready to change up your fitness routine. It does a nice job of actually tracking your workouts but where it really shines is in its extensive list of workout activities and the accompanying routes. I use the “Road Cycling” option, but you could choose anything from “Dog Walk” to “Hike” to “Cross Country. Then choose new routes to explore based on your chosen workout. Makes it easy and fun to experience new scenery and challenges.

4. Move

It doesn’t get any simpler than this fantastically easy app. Moves runs in the background and automatically tracks your activity. That’s it. Wonderfully clean interface keeps a running tally of all steps taken, miles biked or run, calories burned and locations visited. There really is no set up required. Keep in mind, this absolute simplicity means there isn’t a way to enter your height, weight and age so the burned calorie count may not be as accurate as some of the other apps.  But for a “close enough” view of your progress,  Moves is perfect.

5. Google Maps

You won’t find it in the Health and Fitness category, but the gold standard in getting from A to B is also a top notch fitness resource. In addition to showing the quickest driving path, Google Maps provides the safest bike and walking/running routes. The next time you’re leaving your house to return a library book or visit a friend you should check Google Maps.  There’s probably a great bicycle route just waiting to be discovered.

Personal fitness is just that, personal. These are all apps that have made my own fitness journey more productive and enjoyable and I’m confident you’ll find benefit in them as well. If nothing else, let these be a starting point for you. Give an app like Strava a chance for a week and see how rewarding it is when you pull your phone out of your armband at the end of a ride and see that you averaged a half-mile faster today than you did yesterday. Let an app like Moves encourage you to take the stairs instead of the elevator just because you want to beat yesterday’s number. I think you’ll find it’s actually a lot of fun, and doesn’t that really make all the difference?