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i have seen a lot of running and race belts, why this one is so special?

Well, our belt is made of high-quality lycra, and it's a better material than neoprene because it's softer and offers better water and moisture protection. It has no complicated fasteners and straps, and it can virtually fit any waist size because the strap is elastic but very durable. And it doesn’t bounce or ride up like other belts while running.


Cyclers find the slim design non-obtrusive while hunched over – and many people report they forget they even have it on. Some of the belts out there have no zippered enclosures like the FlipBelt, just "stretchy material", and many people have lost their valuables while running and cycling while wearing these types of belts. Also, these belts are nowhere close to being water or sweat-proof. The compartments of our belt is zippered making it impossible for valuables to fall out. Of course it's 99.9% waterproof, too.